13 years in urban education has brought Kenneth J. Smith expertise in behaviors. Behaviors are communicators and when people learn to decode them they unlock many possibilities.


  • 3 Years as a Bullying Prevention Specialist.
  • 9 Years as a Behavioral Intervention Specialist specifically students with Emotional Disturbances (ED). Graduation rates increased by 25% while working with that specific population.
  • Collaborated with Ohio Opportunities for students with Disabilities (OOD). Allowed students to obtain entry level work experiences with the possibility of full-time employment.
  • Provided opportunities for students to help assist elementary-aged children. Research suggests students with “ED” thrive when given the chance to help others.
  • 2 Years and currently Restorative Practices Coordinator for Buchtel CLC 6-12 Campus.

Mr. Smith can coach teachers on dealing with negative behaviors. Mr.Smith can also lead Restorative Circles and is an expert in Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Mr. Smith will also lead reading seminars to engage and promote families reading to children, reading is the #1 predictor of success in school.

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